How To Start A Blog Or Website In Wordpress:Earn Online


How To Start A Blog Or Website In Wordpress:Earn Online

As you know the best way of Earn online is blogging.every person want to make a blog or website and Earn money Online by doing some simple works so Indian Tadka is here for tell you How To Make A Blog Or Website and start Earn Online  

Okay, great, you have now decided to set up a WordPress blog. Now you have to know how to make a blog.

There are seven steps to make a BLOG on WORDPRESS

I will value for the purposes of this article what you have chosen to download your WordPress platform from, so that you have a hosting account so that you can host your blog yourself, that you can use your blog in your domain Are going to be able to host .
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1.      DOMAIN 


Go to and download the latest version of WordPress. This will be a zip file. material. You will end up with a sub folding namely 'vordPress v2.7'

#step 2

Open your FTP client and go to public_html or httpdocs. Open these folk characters - this is where you want to keep WordPress files / trawlers.

#step 3

Open the unzipped fold and you see 25 (currently 27) files and characters. Upload to a large directory.) It will take at least 5 minutes, so take a tea or coffee break.

#step 4

Okay, glad you took a good break - allows the 'Yanks' of the database to be prepared.

You will need to set up a MySQL database and then change a file - Ok here goes.

#step  5

Go to your control panel for your domain.

Select the MySql icon. You will see 3 main areas. Here you will include a database name, username, database with the user (as well as set permission) and you should have the last box 'localhost' - leave it alone because you don't need 99% cleanliness.

Now create your database name like this Akash_database name. After you press the crate tab, you press again which takes you back to the database creation page.

Now create the database user name, it will set the start and password like the xxxx_database username. Create Press and Government Back Tab

Now you need to name the database and 'marry' the user. Match the name of the database and the user and click to add the user to the database - make sure for the moment that the 'All rights box' is checked.

Where it says 'Assistant Host' if it is localhost, leave the box empty.

Now press the 'Go back' tab and you will have created your database.

#step  6

Notepad ++ (free HTML editor)

Access the wp-congig-sample.php file and upload it to your edit. In particular you will see the following information.

Defined ('DB_NAME', 'WordPress'); // database name
Defined ('DB_USER', 'username'); // your MySQL username
Defined ('DB_PASSWORD', 'password'); // ... and password
Defined ('DB_HOST', 'localhost'); // 99% chance you won't need to change this value

You need to change the pharmacy information in wp-config to include your database information.

Make sure you do not draw single conclusions.

Defined ('DB_NAME', 'WordPress'); // database name
You need to change the real name of your database to "WordPress", which you created when setting up the database, ie defined ('DB_NAME', 'niche blog');

Defined ('DB_USER', 'username'); // your MySQL username
Set database time Modify 'username' again to the username you created.

Defined ('DB_PASSWORD', 'password'); // ... and password
This is the password you created when setting up the database.

Defined ('DB_HOST', 'localhost'); // Chance you won't need to change.

Leave everything alone and refer to this file as wp-config.php

Now you go to your fcp client and upload the modified wp-config.php file

#step 7

You then go to your friends in your domain and type.

When you first go to install you should be presented with an 'auto install feature', which will ask you for the title of the blog and your email address.

Once you are following the instructions, your blog will be automatically created for you. Be sure to save the username and password provided.

This is for the original WordPress installation !!!

You are ready to log in! You will see an open WordPress theme in the front part of your website. You can change the look and feel of a website by changing computer WordPress to a custom WordPress theme.

It should work 99% of the time when you follow the #steps. Should not successfully install itself as it often does because the blog creator has not properly changed the database and / or wp-config-sample.php files.

At the end of a successful installation for 'security' purposes you should go back to the end and delete the 'normal' wp-config-sample.php file. Now you know how to make a blog. Was it that hard?

Your website is ready now.
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